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Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos

Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos A. (2011) ‘Atmospheres of law: Senses, affects, lawscapes’, in Emotion, Space and Society, 7 (May 2013), pp 35-44. “Simply put, the lawscape is the epistemological and ontological tautology of law and the city (Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, 2007b, 2008).” “Law comes from within the controlled, their bodies of appearance and their corridors of movement, as post-colonial theory […]

Bauman Z. (1998) Globalization: the Human Consequences. Oxford: Polity.

Bauman Z. (1998) Globalization: the Human Consequences. Oxford: Polity. Space wars chapter: “No wonder that the legibility of space, its transparency, has turned into one of the major stakes in the modern state’s battle for sovereignty of its powers. In order to gain legislative, regulatory control over the patterns of social interaction and loyalties – […]

Michel Foucault

Crampton J.W. and Eldon S. (eds) (2007) Space, Knowledge and Power. England: Ashgate Publishing Ltd. Available at: (accessed 18/1/16) “Once knowledge can be analyzed in terms of region, domain, implantation, displacement, transposition, one is able to capture the process by which knowledge functions as a form of power and disseminates the effects of power.” Michel Foucault […]

Practices of Looking: an introduction to visual culture

Sturken M. and Cartwright L. (2001) Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Discourse, the gaze and the other pp93-96 Foucault’s ‘discourse’ – the means of talking about a particular subject at a particular point in history “Photography has often been a central factor in the functioning of discourses since the nineteenth […]

Fukumoto Shihoko at The V&A

– I went to the V&A to look at the Japanese collection, specifically to look at the woodblock print, the selection of which was actually disappointing. However, I really like this ‘Morning Mist’ piece by Fukumoto Shihoko. – Indigo dye on two layers of linen – the variations of tone create the suggestion of a […]

3 Isaac Julien interviews

QAGOMA (2011) Isaac Julien Brisbane Interview. Available at: (Accessed: 4/1/16)    “…there’s a question which I’m posing which is really: where is Europe?” IJ. “long, porous history between Africa and Europe”  movement of people  response to Visconti’s Leopard film freedom of movement praised in internet age but that isn’t extended to movement of people […]