PPD 8 11/12/15

Andrew Grassi and Silvia Baumgart

Andrew Grassi:
-creates copies of famous works of art in miniature and paintings of installation views that contain other artist’s work
– began by faking his own work – reproducing replicas of his original paintings he done before
– worked with Tate and painted some very famous works, which he had to get permission to include. This process can take a long time and you may have to pay some artists or estates

Silvia Baumgart from Own-It

– a style is not copyright
– can use an artist’s work 70 years after their death
– risk is minimal when dealing with big companies – you are more likely to be sued by artist’s estates or commercial photographers or illustrators (because they make their living through the reproduction of their work)
– “The law does not care about artistic merit whatsoever.” Silvia Baumgart
– interesting tension between what is perceived as high or low art, see case of Warhol and Elaine Sturtevant
– What is copyright? Original work, derivative works and entrepreneurial copyright
– Moral rights: the right to be identified as author, to object to derogatory treatment and to not have work falsely attributed
– always credit people!


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