PPD 7 4/12/15

Victoria Lupton from How To Work Together

– HTWT is comprised of three galleries: Chisenhale, The Showroom and Studio Voltaire. Three mid-range, non-profit spaces
– Prioritising collaboration over competition
-Chisenhale helps launch artists,Showroom works with deprived community around Edgeware rd. and Studio Voltaire provides studios and has pop-up shop House of Voltaire.
– they bring to the fore artists and practises that would be ignored in a commercial gallery
-“incubators of new talent”
– Common Practice – fights for small scale arts sector
– Catalyst Arts – Arts Council funding for 3 years. The three galleries applied together to boost chance of getting funds.
– Strategic development – meet once a week to give each other advice, share audiences and share PR
– one exhibition per year of an artist responding to the theme ‘how to work together’
-Think Tank – commissions writing and research etc
-Sharing economy – peer to peer like Airbnb or Wikipedia
– Unmonastery – group that interviewed monks – interested in how they worked democratically. Used tech to facilitate sharing.
– Match funding – the galleries raise funds and this is matched by an organisation e.g Arts Council
-Seed funding is initial start up funding
– the art world likes the idea of sharing but the system puts emphasis on the individual
-Temporary custodians – way of buying art with lots of people chipping in and then circulating the work
-Syrian Collective – upload anonymous videos


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