T.J Demos ‘Life Full of Holes’

Demos T.J. (2006) ‘Life Full of Holes’, Grey Room, 24, pp. 72-88

  • “Yto Barrada glimpses at life slipping away from law.” pg 72
  • blurred man with boat “This representational dislocation, the blurring of human being and boat that distances a man from his community, is the visual effect of a figure becoming the vanishing point of citizenship.” pg 72 vanishing point – merging of art/geography/life etc in figure
  • “How can one represent artistically a life severed from representation politically?” pg 73
  • “…rights are assigned arbitrarily, and thus unjustly, by virtue of one’s nationality. Whichever rights one enjoys one owes to the luck of the draw. ” pg 73
  • ‘naked life’ – life stripped of nationality
  • “How can representation document naked life? The two terms might appear homologous: just as naked life is life stripped bare (severed from  nationality), so, too, documentary representation is representation reduced to its essence (shed of aestheticization)” pp 75-76
  • “But what if to represent is to make absent?” pg 76
  • “In the “life full of holes” that Yto Barrada depicts, the rupture from political status brings about a troubling of representation, which is key to her project” pg 76 emphasis my own.
  • ‘aterritoriality’ giorgio agamben
  • “The nation-state is the very power uniquely authorized to suspend law when it sees fit, creating a state of emergency—that zone of indeterminacy between law and nonlaw that opens a space for extrajudicial brutality (e.g., torture and executions)— that is now threatening to become the rule” pg 79

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