Yto Barrada: Riffs

Barrada Y., Hütte F., Klumpp N., März C and Muracciole M. (eds) (2011) Yto Barrada: Riffs. Germany: Hatje Cantz

Enwezor O. (2011) ‘A Radiant Conflagration: (H’reg) On Burning and the Subjectivity of Photography in Yto Barrada’s Work’, in Barrada Y., Hütte F., Klumpp N., März C and Muracciole M. (eds)  Yto Barrada: Riffs.  Germany: Hatje Cantz. pp 21-32

  •  look up Giorgio Agamben – Homo Sacer
  • “There is no pleasure in these images. They reveal violence – deaf, creeping violence that has become so much more tangible since the borders were closed.” Yto Barrada pg23
  • “On this frontier lies the burning body of desire and the oceanic body of water.” OE pg 23. Interesting use of language – like between humans and landscape in the word ‘body’.
  • On Barrada’s Strait Project: “… its principal focus is the political subjectivity of the photograph, the insistent pursuit to transform the presentness of the documentary image into eidetic structures of reference, and to question the limits of living in the shadow of deprivation.” pg 23 Eidetic: unusual vividness of an image in your head, as if actually visible. Is he saying that documentary images try to emulate subjective vision-as if you are there/seeing things as memory…..? Interesting thinking about orientalism – preconcieved ideas about people from other places etc.
  • “We already know that photography is a form of writing, a script that captures the evanescent as static and visible…” pg 24
  • Tunnel – Disused Survey Site for a Morocco-Spain Connection (2002) Yto Barrada…maybe an interesting work to write about – humans absent. “It is on this site that the figure of the migrant meets the shrinking ‘gut’ of the Strait (and by extention, the horizon of Migration).” pg 24
  • her work is not like classic documentary, “which turns the image into a cool tool of voyeurism” “The shallow distance between herself and her subjects lets Barrada create a safe zone of sorts…” Respectful distance. Spatial logic….think about the space between photographer and subject, relationship…
  • Beau Geste (2009) film showing men trying to keep a date tree upright/save it from falling down – because of a law in Morocco that says a piece of privately owned land that is public space can be sold for development if the natural forms on it die/are removed.”In this simple act, a complicated process of social vision and urban responsibility is activated. Here territory, landscape, architecture, development, and tourism unfold in Barrada’s vision of Tangier.” pg 30
  • Le Detroit- Avenue d’Espange, Tangier (2000) – concrete expanse as sea..?
  • “…portraiture becomes the means by which to humanize the landscape.” pg 31



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