Notes for Manifesto Project

  • Manifesto:

• Language and power
• Endless text
• Borders, territories, languages, barriers, understanding, meaning, where is meaning, where is it lost, gaps, chasms, cultures come together
• A never-ending text that switches between different modes, poetry, memory, essay, linguistic analysis. Something that is many things at once.
• Take a motif, a word, an idea and run with it, exhaust it, get inside it
• Could form the basis of a film, or have filmic/image interventions. Projections, objects, installation?
• Print onto fabric?

Presentation feedback:

  • look at systems art
  • have a look at the LUX archive
  • Stillness and Time book
  • Glen Ligon
  • Bruce Naumann
  • Duncan Campbell
  • Homi Bhabha
  • Mona Hatoum ‘Measures of Distance’

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