PPD 4 13/11/15

Fraser Muggeridge – pleasedonotbend.co.uk

  • studio in Clerkenwell
  • team of five
  • make publications and graphic design
  • primarily working with artists
  • worked with Jeremy Deller a few times – example of an artist whose work is enhanced by graphic design
  • Fiona Banner poster
  • Work on the border between designer, artist, typographer etc – not limited to a specific category
  • Often their practise is about being appropriate – what is appropriate for the client might not necessarily be something you like
  • emotion – give a feeling through art, convey the tone of a book/show/film/etc
  • ‘nearly boring’ created poster for art on the underground that was very simple, almost an anti-poster, but very striking
  • sometimes mix fonts – very subtle, almost imperceptible
  • Love is Enough exhibition for Modern Art Oxford – Jeremy Deller curated William Morris and Andy Warhol show. Designed a book/poster/campaign using a new print made from a mix of Morris’s wallpaper and Warhol’s camouflage print
  • appropriateness – may not be the best design, but is appropriate for the client
  • work a lot with Focal Point Gallery in Southend
  • Catch Me Danny film – created a tumblr that is all gifs
Fraser Muggeridge Studio

Fraser Muggeridge Studio


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