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artist’s statement november 2015

“We have Citalopram. We have Sertraline. We have Diazepam, peace be upon him.”   – this is an extract from my recent writings. I decided I wanted the artist statement to be a work in itself rather than a description of my work – which can be limiting. Advertisements

Previous artist statement 2014/15

Artist’s Statement: Using everyday materials and objects combined with film and installation, my work explores social and political issues relating to gender, cultural identities, globalization and power. Dealing with troubling issues in a sensitive and considered manner, my work seeks to uplift and empower. News stories, personal accounts and lived experience act as starting points […]

PPD 6 27/11/15

Marcus Coates – artist work is broadly about human-ness how do we create nature as a concept? how does culture serve us? did 9 years of art education – a kind of delay tactic, didn’t feel ready to join the ‘art world’ sees his art as a by-product of life rather than an end point […]

John Akomfrah: On essays, identities and Stuart Hall

John Akomfrah: On essays, identities and Stuart Hall from Frieze on Vimeo. “…the protean form of the essay film itself. I mean it goes back to the very understanding of the word essay, which is not to write but to make sense.”

PPD 5 20/11/15

ARTQUEST The website lists resources, opportunities and networks opportunities are hand picked, so only the best ones are listed – to minimise the chance of exploitation Artlaw section – archive of Henry Lydiate’s legal arts articles from Art monthly. Contracts and copyright are the most asked about categories. Be prepared and informed about legal stuff. Artroute section […]

Sontag. S (2003) Regarding the Pain of Others

Sontag S. (2003) Regarding the Pain of Others. New York: Picador [Available at:] ” To the militant, identity is everything. And all photographs wait to be explained or falsified by their captions” pg 11 “Photographs of an atrocity may give rise to opposing responses. A call for peace. A cry for revenge. Or simply the bemused awareness, […]


I love colour and am drawn to bright, saturated, flat colour and amorphous shapes, which have influenced my personal/textile works that I create outside the course. I want to include some of these shapes into my work as a kind of break or ‘breath’ in the work: a purely visual, colourful, joyous burst that breaks […]