Joseph M. (?)‘Globalization, Modernity, and the Avant-Garde’

Joseph M. (?)‘Globalization, Modernity, and the Avant-Garde’ in Mathur S. (2011) The Migrant’s Time, Rethinking Art History and Diaspora. Massachusetts: The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. Pp 32-55

  • The opening paragraphs talk about ‘shock’ – idea for writing in unit 9? History of ‘tough’?
  • “The history of shock implodes with the World Trade Center and U.S strategy of ‘shock and awe’ unleashed on Baghdad. After Hisroshima and Nagasaki, shock is not ethically possible.” Pg 32
  • “…the sanitized madness of the bomb.” Pg33 – interesting use of language – medical, CLEAN, swift and merciless
  • on photography/film/architecture/design i.e not painting “These mediums capture the dislocation of modern individualism in the nations of Europe and their extended empire.” Pg 34

I stopped reading this because I thought it wasn’t entirely relevant.


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