PPD Lecture 2 16/10/15

Hannah Breslin from Student Careers and Employability at UAL, formerly SEE

  • visit the website (http://www.arts.ac.uk/student-jobs-and-careers/) for information on careers, artstemps, creative opportunities, own-it and artquest.
  • jobs advertised and offered by UAL are always paid – they don’t believe in people working for free. The Graduate Internship Scheme helps companies hire graduates by paying half their internship wages.
  • 16th-20th November is Enterprise Week
  • Mead Scholarships and Fellowships – £10,000 can be awarded as a fellowship to graduates, who can apply for 2 years. They are flexible about what the money can be spent on, they just look for well thought out ideas and committed people. Deadline in April 2016.
  • Artquest.org.uk is useful for how-to guides, information and opportunities
  • In December there will be a Wimbledon specific Employability series for info on hob hunting, CV building etc.
  • A huge part of an artist’s practise is admin and the most successful artists are ones that accept this early on
  • DACS, A-N, Carrotworkers Collective – useful sites

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