PPD Lecture 1 9/10/15

Upcoming speakers:

  • Marcus Coates, How we work now
  • Victoria Lupton from How to work together – a new model for collaboration
  • Andrew Grassie and Silvia Baumgart, on copyright. Artquest, ownit.
  • Frazer Muggeridge, graphic designer
  • Nick Kaplony, art and value
  • Max Dovey, ptbm graduate on post-grad learning.

Group Discussion on expectations for the degree show:

  • to get noticed by galleries/collectors/big-wigs
  • a debut – the start of something rather than the end
  • a chance to be more professional and ambitious, put into practise everything we’ve learnt over the degree and make something to be proud of
  • we need to work together well!
  • need to take responsibility for ourselves and be aware of deadlines etc
  • group show mentality – co-operation and support. Not just an exhibition with lots of individual pieces, but a coherent, well curated show.

E-publication for the catalogue:

  • Ling explained the model of an e-publication for the degree show catalogue that would entice people to come to the event – new and exciting.
  • in the e-book you can embed videos and links. The e-book itself can be embedded on people’s websites.
  • cheaper option!! Last years catalogue was too expensive, not the greatest quality and had lots of issues
  • There could be i-pad points where people can access the catalogue at the show, or can download it. Option of free wifi for the night.
  • Also looked at examples of pathway-specific printed material, so people can take away something physical as well

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