rocks patterned

This piece is a large digital collage that I printed onto fabric, measuring 1m square. I used found imagery of rocks, minerals and piles of rubble: blurring the lines between the natural and the man-made; the monumental and the insignificant; and raising questions of value and desirability in the conflation of gems and debris. This was inspired by the Buddleia plant, which is notorious for its ability to thrive in wasteland, sowing its seeds along railway sides and in the cracks of buildings.

Taking the flowering heads of the Buddleia as a reference, I made quick, stylised cut-out shapes, which I used to create photoshop paintbrushes. I overlaid these with the rocks to create some contrast in texture, leaving the pattern fairly free and not overly ordered, to reflect the nature of the plant itself. I chose to print it onto fabric as I wanted some movement in the work.


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