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Protected: PPD Placement: Forms

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Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Statement: Using everyday materials and objects combined with film and installation, my work explores social and political issues relating to gender, cultural identities, globalization and notions of power. Dealing with troubling issues in a sensitive and considered manner, my work seeks to uplift and empower. News stories, personal accounts and lived experience act as […]

Statement for unit 7 Exhibition Piece

The wall-based piece is a large digital collage that I printed onto fabric, measuring 1m square. I used found imagery of rocks, minerals and piles of rubble: blurring the lines between the natural and the man-made; the monumental and the insignificant; and raising questions of value and desirability in the conflation of gems and debris. This was inspired […]

If Tate Modern was Musee de la danse

Musee de la danse notes: Choreographer boris charmatz invited to tate, asks question: if tate modern was musee de la danse? About the practice of museums and dance, not just a case of bringing dance into the gallery Moveable, changing space, crowd moved with the dancer. The staff moved bits of stage/set up whilst the dance […]

Andrea Zimmerman ‘Taskafa’ @ Strangelove Moving Image Festival CSM

Notes for film screening at csm: Strangelove moving image festival over a week at csm. Brings together students and practitioners to exhibit together as equals Essay film about memory: collective memory and identity through history and storytelling . Community. Taskafa is a portrait of the city told through the lives of its many street, dogs, […]

Edward Said Quote

“We take home and language for granted: they become nature and their underlying assumptions recede into dogma and orthodoxy. The exile knows that in a secular and contingent world. Homes are always provisional. Borders and barriers, which enclose us within the safety of familiar territory, can also become prisons, and are often defended beyond reason […]

PPD Placement: Organising the placement