Monthly Archives: March 2015

PPD Talk: Contemporary Art Society

What is The Contemporary Art Society and what do they do? The Contemporary Art Society was founded in 1910 and serves to acquire contemporary art for museums and galleries throughout the UK. They act as “talent spotters” and often buy work from emerging artists, whilst they are still affordable. They also offer traineeships in areas […]

Evan Roth at Carroll/Fletcher

Evan Roth’s Voices Over The Horizon is the product of a road trip to Cornwall made by Roth in August 2014, to the point where transatlantic fibre-optic internet cables come ashore. These cables carry approximately 25% of the world’s internet traffic. Roth’s exploration of the landscape serves as an attempt to physically connect to and visualise the […]

Initial sculpture experiments

This was the outcome of my first foray into using expanding foam. Most of the results were disappointing, as the foam didn’t expand that much and I ended up with some very smooth blob-like forms instead of the more craggy shapes I was hoping for. I am fairly pleased however with this orange, which I […]

Preparatory work for sculptures

New Women’s Art History at I’klectik

ArtsFems, the UAL feminist society is one of the most active and accomplished societies. On 17th February I attended the opening of New Women’s Art History, ArtsFems second exhibition, held at I’klectik art lab in Waterloo. Curated by society members from CSM, the exhibition sought to promote women’s work, regardless of whether it was explicitly feminist or […]

Site Visit to Clapham Orangery

I have been invited to submit a piece for a site specific exhibition at Clapham Orangery. The Orangery was built in 1793 for the Thornton family, as part of a miniature landscape estate. Nowadays the derelict neo-classical orangery is overlooked by the Notre Dame council estate, which replaced the Thorton’s two houses after their demolition […]