Artist: Aoife Collins

Peachy (2012)

Peachy (2012)


Peachy (2012)

Aoife Collins creates delicate, intensely intricate art works that explore ideas of deconstruction, value and mutability. She takes ordinary, mass-produced objects and painstakingly manipulates them. Peachy (2012) is a piece of fabric that has a shimmery quality created by using different colours for the warp and weft. Collins removes sections of either horizontal or vertical threads to reveal the colour beneath and the construction of the material, transforming the surface into a hypnotic space that seems to oscillate between functionality and the poetic.

Collins has also created work using artificial orchids, the petals of which she disassembles thread by thread and then reassembles to form hazy, mutated floral sculptures. “Through the reconstructions, they don’t contain the same representational quality they once had, but become more weed-like or deformed.” (Collins A. 2013)

I am interested in the way Collins works in interstitial spaces; between high- and low-brow; fiction and reality; concrete space and the infinite.


Outer Oracle

Chatterbox Orchid/Epipactis Gigantea

Chatterbox Orchid/Epipactis Gigantea

Questions that arose from looking at this work:

What do we give value and why? What constitutes a weed? How can I consider plant life and material objects in relation to questions of binarism and hegemony?


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