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Glossary of Interesting terms

Mutability: the quality of being changeable. Think: mutant, mutation. Nascent: just coming into being, newly formed and showing signs of future potential. Subaltern: a person of low rank within a hierarchy. A marginalised or oppressed group. Advertisements

Artist: Aoife Collins

Aoife Collins creates delicate, intensely intricate art works that explore ideas of deconstruction, value and mutability. She takes ordinary, mass-produced objects and painstakingly manipulates them. Peachy (2012) is a piece of fabric that has a shimmery quality created by using different colours for the warp and weft. Collins removes sections of either horizontal or vertical threads to […]

Bibliography for Unit 6 and 7

BIBLIOGRAPHY Purkiss D. (1996) The Witch in History: Early Modern and Twentieth Century Representations. New York: Routledge Filipovic E. and Mytowska J. (2011) Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture Undone 1955-1972. London: Thames & Hudson Hiller S. (ed) (1991) The Myth of Primitivism: Perspectives On Art. Oxford: Routledge Price S. (1989) Primitive Art in Civilized Places. London: The […]

Rebecca Birch at the ICA

As part of a 50 week marathon, that sees the Institute of Contemporary Art invite a new artist each week for 50 weeks to exhibit in their fig-2 space, I visited Rebecca Birch’s performance/installation/journey Lichen Hunting on the West Coast (2015). We entered through a narrow, dingy corridor that led us away from the pristine main gallery, into […]